ELSERWIS - is a company operating in the market of electricity services throughout the country.

Over 12 years of experience and extensive professional qualifications, knowledge, competence, and innovative solutions are our main strengths. We provide expertness, professionalism, and modern technical background.

Counterparties value ELSERWIS, among others, for the high quality of offered services, flexible approach to encountered problems, rapid response in emergency situations, and taking up even the most difficult challenges, as evidenced by numerous reference letters.

ELSERWIS is a full-service company operating in the field of power engineering, power systems, and low-current systems in public utility objects and industrial automation in manufacturing plants.


In the range of the offered services, ELSERWIS specializes in the design and construction of overhead and cable power lines, medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV) power lines of an indoor, container, and overhead power stations. ELSERWIS also performs a comprehensive automation of medium voltage network (MV) infrastructure. Our business is also the solutions related to the energy infrastructure of the railway structure connected directly with the railroad power supply.