For work on the energy infrastructure:

  • Construction of MV and LV cable lines
  • Construction of transformer stations
  • Construction of electric power connections
  • Prefabrication and assembly of LV electrical switchgear up to 4000 A
  • Malfunction recovery, maintenance, measurements and performance tests

For exterior and road lighting:

  • Comprehensive design of outdoor lighting
  • Construction and repair of external lighting, for example, pole replacement, luminaires replacement, replacement of light sources, positioning of poles, painting of poles, protective measurements
  • Inventory of existing lighting
  • Execution of street signaling

For electrical installations in industrial and institutional buildings:

  • Comprehensive implementation of electrical lighting installations, socket outlets, and power supply equipment
  • Prefabrication and assembly of LV switchgears
  • Guaranteed power supply
  • IT power supply systems
  • Continuous measurement systems of the insulation resistance and earth faults
  • Power supply, security, and control systems of electromedical equipment
  • Emergency lighting installations with monitoring
  • Installation of lightning protection and compensatory connections together with overvoltage protection
  • Maintenance inspections and measurements of the installation in accordance with the requirements of the Building Law

In the field of electronic security systems:

  • Access control (AC)
  • Fire alarm systems (FAS)
  • Sound warning system (SWS)
  • Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system (SHEVS)
  • Video surveillance systems (CCTV)
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Work time registration systems (WTR)

In the field of teletechnical systems and networks:

  • Copper and fiber optic telecommunication networks
  • Teletechnical channels
  • Structured networks (LANs)
  • Hospital paging systems
  • TV and SAT-TV installations
  • Intercom and video door intercoms installations
  • Audio systems

In the field of industrial automation:

  • Electric drive systems with frequency inverters and motor soft starters
  • Design, manufacture, and commissioning of complex control and automation systems
  • Modernization of measurement, control, and regulation systems based on drivers (PLCs), frequency inverters, and motor soft starters
  • Inspections, service, and maintenance of propulsion systems

In the field intelligent building control systems:

  • Design and advice
  • Installation, configuration, and commissioning of intelligent systems for residential and utility buildings
  • We provide comprehensive warranty and post-warranty service
  • Training on the operation of the offered systems