Professional Energetics

EL SERWIS is a company operating on the electric services market on the entire Polish territory.

Over 15 years of experience and vast professional qualification, knowledge, competence and innovativeness of solutions are our primary assets. We ensure proficiency, professionalism and modern technical background.

Contractors value us for, among other things, high quality of offered services, elastic approach to encountered problems, instant reaction in crisis situations and undertaking of even the most challenging tasks, which finds its confirmation in numerous reference letters.

Company’s scope are complex executions around whole Poland in the field of professional energetics, electric installations and low-current systems in public objects and in the sphere of industry automatics in manufacturing plants.

On the plain of offered services we specialise in design and construction of overhead, telpheric energetic lines of middle and low voltage, as well as indoor, outdoor and container- based energetic stations. EL SERWIS also executes a complex automation of middle-voltage network infrastructure. The subject of our venture are also solutions concerning energetic infrastructure of rail, directly connected with railway power supply.




The field of our activity consists of planning works, as well as contracting hard and illuminating installations.

We also execute powering of industrial objects and buildings requiring enlarged reliability of power supply from power distribution networks of low and middle voltage.

We also specialise in constructing master and circuital switchgears of receiving, auxiliary and emergency distributive circuits.

We ensure the execution of advanced technological solutions, which serve to efficiently control installations placed in industrial objects, such as electric, ventilatory, calefactory or cooling, and to provide regulation to changing conditions of the surroundings.

We mount controlling devices, supervisory systems, object-oriented devices, provide technical support and actively participate in creating technical documentation and system architecture setup.

Our goal is to constantly refine the quality of our services as a result of our concern for client’s satisfaction and company’s sustained development.

We specialise in congeneric creation of optimal concepts of systems based on piloting and industrial automatics for handling complex technological processes and to ensure their accomplishment even in blast danger zone. We professionalise in construction of control and drivetrain systems, prefabrication of control cabinets, visualisation and industrial monitoring systems, assemblage, implementation and mobilisation of installation project, as well as in service, measurements and machine conservation.

Sphere of activity

Energetic infrastructure:

  • Construction of Low and Mid-Voltage overhead lines
  • Construction of Transformer/Switching stations
  • Construction of electric energy terminals
  • Prefabrication and assembly of low-voltage switchgears up to 4000A
  • Malfunction liquidation, conservation and exploratory measurements and trials

In the scope of external road illumination:

  • Comprehensive planning of external illumination
  • Construction and renovation works, eg. Pole replacement, casing replacement, light source replacement, pole positioning, pole painting, protective measurements
  • Stocktaking of existing illumination
  • Construction of traffic lights

Electric installations in institutional and industrial buildings:

  • Full realisation of electric illumination installations, prong sockets and power supply for technological devices
  • Prefabrication and assemblage of low voltage switchgears
  • Installations of interruptible power supply
  • IT networks power supply systems
  • Systems of constant measurement of isolation resistance
  • Systems of power supply, security and control of devices and electro medical apparatus
  • Installations of emergency lighting with video surveillance
  • Execution of earth led installations and equatory conjunctions together with anti-surge protection.
  • Exploitative maintenance and installation measurements compliant with construction law

In the field of electronic security systems:

  • Access Control
  • Fire Signalling Systems
  • Audio Cautionary Systems
  • Smoke ventilation systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Burglary and robbery signalisation systems
  • Worktime registration systems

In the field of tele technical systems and networks:

  • Copper and fibre-optic telecommunication networks
  • Tele technical canalisation
  • Structural networks (LAN)
  • In-hospital summoning systems
  • TV and TV-SAT installations
  • Intercom and video-intercom installations
  • Audio systems

Industrial Automatics:

  • Electric drivetrain systems with application of frequency converters and soft-starts
  • Design, execution and start-up of complex steering and automatics systems
  • Modernisation of measurement, control and regulatory systems
  • Drivers (PLC), frequency converters and soft-starts
  • Inspection, servicing and conservation of drivetrains

In the field of intelligent Building Management Systems:

  • Planning and counselling
  • Installation, configuration and launch of intelligent systems for residential buildings as well as intended use objects
  • Assurance of complete warranty and post-warranty service
  • Training in the field of offered systems

Equipment Services

Our company’s philosophy is to ensure a comfortable course of realisation of entrusted tasks on every stage of execution and for the entire warranty period. It comes with the help of our broad experience, gained throughout the course of numerous performed investments and full background of specialist equipment and transporting facilities. We acquire top quality equipment, and our highly qualified staff is ready to perform every, even the most challenging commission.

Our services include transport, construction equipment services and machine rental.

By possessing abundant knowledge and experience, with clean conscience can we offer you the full gamut of our services. We ensure short realisation schedules and solidity of performed work.

We hope, that our offer will meet your attention. We encourage you to contact us in order to present you with our individual cooperation offer.


Building Administration

We offer you a congeneric service of property management in the scope of all industries. We acquire  lifetime experience of commercial property management. Such experience enabled us to develop our own methods and client service standards. We are at disposal of our own, wide technical background, imperative for carrying out extensive technical inspections and failure removal. Our cadre of specialist, possessing total eligibility and lifelong professional experience serves as a warrant for the high quality of our services.

Client’s satisfaction is our first priority, therefore the form of cooperation is always adjusted to his individual needs.

In order to confect a personal offer, dedicated exclusively to you, we encourage you to contact us via electronic mail.